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Gamebryo Features

At its core, the Gamebryo engine is a suite of modular, foundational C++ libraries. Game developers can extend these libraries to create custom functionality specific to their title. And more importantly, unlike engines which attempt to provide a "one size fits all" solution around a fixed workflow, Gamebryo's modularity makes it possible to easily mix and match different components, combining the best of our technology with the best of your own.

Gamebryo Core


Robust, cross-platform renderers (DX9, DX10, DX11, OpenGL/Linux, PS2, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii) enable a broad range of advanced rendering techniques for developers through a flexible and extensible scene graph.


Harnessing the processing and graphics power of modern, multi-core PCs and consoles while removing the complexity of optimizing multi-core production environments.


Dynamic physics are enabled using NVIDIA PhysX, providing standard collision and response, ragdoll, cloth, physically accurate particle simulation and more.


Full 3D positional sound and awesome audio tool suite fully integrated via Wwise Audio.


Easily create, edit, debug, and iterate upon Lua behaviors to interact with the Game Framework, or implement behaviors in C++ or any other scripting language.

Gamebryo Content Creation and Management

Art Pipeline

Gamebryo provides a very flexible and extendable art pipeline. Artists create art in digital content creation (DCC) tools (3ds Max, Maya or XSI) and can also create and manipulate art directly in Gamebryo’s level editor, World Builder. Animation blending, layering and transitions can be adjusted in Gamebryo’s powerful Animation tool.

Level Design

World Builder is a fully-featured level editor with a massive suite of features for setting up levels easily and intuitively.


Gamebryo’s cross-platform Terrain System is integrated with the runtime. It includes complete support from the tool chain and is complemented by a WSIWYG Terrain Editor.

Developer Tools

Integration to revision control systems, profiling tools, tool-time rendering extensions, and more.