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Gamebryo Workflow

Making enjoyable games is unlike building any other type of software. Game design is a creative process and does not lend itself to the systematic step-by-step development processes followed in most software projects. In the worst case, a game team will not realize gameplay is not compelling until deep in the development cycle.

In order to discover which combinations of gameplay elements result in "fun" gameplay, designers, artists and engineers must be able to quickly and easily prototype, adjust and modify the game. Gamebryo's modular workflow lends itself to rapid iteration which empowers developers to:

  • Change the behavior of game entities
  • Modify the layout of a level
  • Create and try new scenarios
  • Change 3D art models and animation
  • Tweak particle system parameters

Rapid Iteration Workflow

Rapid Prototyping and Production

Build a prototype quickly and easily – then build upon it. When you build your prototype with Gamebryo, you’re building your game. Everything you develop for your demo moves directly into your game, making Gamebryo your prototype and your production solution.

Rapid Iteration

Rapid Iteration, workflow enablers, real-time updates, and tools usability and functionality unblock artists and designers and increase production efficiency. Streamline the creation of scenes, levels, and worlds. Iterate with gameplay mechanics, look-and-feel, and art assets in more detail with less time, to get your game looking and playing the way you want.